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Welcome to Upekkha Retreat, a family owned and operated wellness destination nestled in the beautiful hill country of Wimberley, TX. Our retreat space is designed to provide an opportunity to reset, reconnect and recharge in a conscious community surrounded by nature. Our Yurt provides a sacred space for a variety of master teachers, facilitators and healers offering yoga, meditation, spiritual, musical, mystical, health and wellness activities. We also have a variety of accommodations available, including a tiny cabin, magical treehouse, a vintage camper and plenty of nature camping spots.

Come and enjoy a peaceful getaway with us and experience the best of nature, yoga, and community.

Semicircle of Crystals
Semicircle of Crystals


Upekkha Retreat is a safe place for an immersive and transformative experience for those looking to deepen their connection with nature, community, and their own spirituality. Retreats, immersions, workshops, classes and all community events are designed to provide guidance, nourishment, and space for personal growth. We strive to create a conscious and supportive community that honors the power of nature, yoga, meditation and mindfulness. Our retreat space provides are an opportunity to step away from the everyday and reconnect with what matters most.

Join us, and find balance, peace, and clarity.


Our mission is to help create a conscious community that is focused on heart forward living; coming together to explore and share each of our unique gifts. Together we cultivate a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us, discovering inner peace, connection, joy, creativity, allowing our fullest expression of our embodied divine selves to shine bright! 

Assorted Crystals


"Liv, I couldn't be more grateful to continue to be your humble student and friend."

Samantha S.

"Thank you so much for hosting the yoga class at Upekkha Retreat. That was an experience I'll never forget. You definitely raised my frequency! I've been smiling driving home and look forward to being out there again soon!"

Jack M.

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